JIVR Secures Distribution Deal with PENDLR for Benelux and France

KRAKOW, Poland – E-mobility manufacturer JIVR has entered into a strategic partnership with PENDLR, formerly known as Kruitbosch Wholesale, a prominent name in the European bicycle industry. This alliance facilitates JIVR’s debut in the Benelux and French markets and presents an opportunity for further innovation in the micromobility sector.

Having been committed to offering urban mobility solutions to address city congestion, JIVR sees its collaboration with PENDLR as a move towards promoting sustainable commuting alternatives.

Transitioning from its Kruitbosch identity, PENDLR aims to delve deeper into the growing micromobility market, building on its long-standing reputation as a distributor of bicycle components in Europe.

Distribution Details:

As a result of this partnership, PENDLR has acquired the exclusive rights to distribute 
JIVR | Scooters in Benelux and France. However, distribution is limited to bike dealers exclusively, adhering to the terms of the agreement. On the other hand, other distributors have the flexibility to channel JIVR products through various sales avenues. This initiative will bolster JIVR’s presence in these areas and augment PENDLR’s portfolio, marking it as a key distributor in the e-mobility sector.

Expanding Portfolio:

While the current focus of the JIVR-PENDLR collaboration is on the distribution of e-scooters, it’s worth noting that JIVR boasts a diverse range of products. Recently, the brand introduced its premium JIVR | City e-bike, which is powered by cutting-edge Yamaha and Bafang motors, showcasing the company’s commitment to integrating top-tier technology into urban mobility solutions. As JIVR continues to expand its global presence, the company is actively seeking sales agents and distributors across various regions. Those interested in collaborating with JIVR are encouraged to reach out via [email protected]

Future Prospects:

JIVR and PENDLR share a vision of enhancing urban transit. Together, they aim to explore a variety of urban mobility options, with potential considerations for e-bikes in the future, all underscored by a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Martin Piatkowski, JIVR’s Founder, commented, „Joining forces with PENDLR marks a significant step in European micromobility, making sustainable urban transit more widely available.”

Final Note:

The collaboration between JIVR and PENDLR is a promising advancement in sustainable urban mobility. Through PENDLR’s distribution channels, JIVR products will be more accessible to enthusiasts in Benelux and France. This partnership signifies more than just a business transaction; it represents a commitment to offering better and more sustainable urban commuting choices.

For updates on this partnership, visit www.jivr.co and www.kruitbosch.nl/en.

For media queries, contact [email protected]