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A smarter way to ride

Motion sensors in the pedals allow JIVR to sense when you need pedal assistance and enable the front-wheel electric motor.

Full charge in 2.5 hours

Recharge at home, at the office or anywhere in between. Access to any standard electrical outlet is all you need.

Perfect for mixed commutes

JIVR makes it easy to go from two wheels to public transport and back again. It weighs just 18kg, making it easy to handle when folded or lift when going upstairs.

The JIVR is an excellent piece of kit, it worked flawlessly and serves to fulfil a genuine demand.


That's probably one of the most svelte and simple functional desgins that I've seen for an electric folding bike!


Cycling fans searching for a 21st-century bike should look no further than JIVR.


Patented technology

A unique style and advanced technology you won't find anywhere else.

Two year warranty

Ride with the confidence of knowing the JIVR team is behind you.

Local customer support

Local customer support teams and partners located throughout Europe.

Starting at 3199 EUR.

Let's ride!