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Scooter Technical Specification



  • Motor: 350W (700W Peak)
  • Battery: Panasonic Li-ion 36V 6.4Ah (230Wh) or 12.8Ah (461Wh)
  • Easily removable battery
  • Max. speed: 20 or 25 km/h depending on region.(3-step speed control)
  • Running distance: up to 25 km / 50 km (depending on rider weight and speed mode)
  • Max. weight: 100 kg
  • Incline handling: 15-20 degrees
  • Cruise-control feature
  • Rear brake: disc brake, fender brake (foot brake)
  • 10-inch wheels
  • Front and rear LED lamps
  • LCD for indicating speed and battery-charge level
  • Warning bell
  • Convenient folding mechanism
  • Charging current: 42 V 2 A, charging time: 2 hours / 5 hours
  • Weight: 13 kg / 15 kg

    JIVR | Scooter

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    SHIPPING - JULY 2021

    JIVR | Scooter is a light-weight foldable electric kick scooter designed for city commutes with an easily removable battery and fully customizable decks.

    JIVR | Scooter features a 230Wh battery which offers 20 km range.


      • Motor: 350W (750W Peak power)
      • Battery: Panasonic Li-ion 36V 230Wh 
      • Max speed: 25 km/h (3-step speed control)
      • Range: 20 km


      • Convenient folding mechanism
      • Weight: 13 kg 
      • 10-inch wheels


      • Upgrade the standard durable high-grip rubber to a beautiful fully customizable deck. 

      Custom decks sold separately.


      What's in the box?

      1. JIVR | Scooter
      2. JIVR | Scooter Charger
      3. Detachable grips
      4. User Manual

      Patented Technology

      A unique style and advanced technology you won't find anywhere else.

      12-Month Warranty

      Ride with the confidence of knowing the JIVR team is behind you.

      Local Customer Support

      Customer support teams and partners located throughout Europe.

      Unique custom decks

      Choose from a range of expressive colourful decks or design your own unique one. Sold separately.

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      JIVR Electric Scooter Patented Safe Steering System

      Proprietary steering system

      The proprietary steering system offers superior stability and more control on the road creating a supreme ride experience.

      Smart removable battery

      Quickly swap your batteries to extend your range beyond limits.

      Quick & easy folding

      Fold in seconds and take it with you.

      JIVR Scooter Handlebar

      Convenient handlebar

      Ergonomic detachable handlebar for optimised storage.

      Lightning fast charging

      Dynamic, fast-charge and light battery for quick charging and easy removal.

      JIVR Scooter Electric Powerful Motor 350W

      Powerful motor

      350W powerful front motor with powerful acceleration and torque.

      JIVR Electric Scooter Three Brake System

      Unique triple brake system

      Electric, disc and manual brakes for enhanced safety and control

      JIVR Electric Scooter Semi-automatic Warning Bell

      Semi-automatic bell

      Trigger-enabled bell that lets you be heard even on the loudest and busiest streets.

      Bidirectional lights

      Be seen from afar thanks to extra-bright front and rear lights.

      Programmable dashboard

      Set your own speed limits and 'Parental controls' on the smart dashboard.


      Extended standing platform

      Comfortably stand on the platform with two feet for extra stability.

      JIVR Electric Scooter Durable Powder Coated Frame Scratch Resistant

      Durable powder coating

      A smooth to the touch yet durable satin finish.

      JIVR Scooter Puncture Proof Tyres

      Pneumatic tyres

      Large 10-inch wheels with pneumatic tyres.

      JIVR Scooter Speed Cruise Control System

      Speed & cruise control

      3-step speed control and cruise control let you coast with ease.

      JIVR Scooter Stable Folding Kickstand

      Stable folding kickstand

      Jump on and off the scooter when needed.

      JIVR Scooter IP54 Rating Weather Proof

      Weather resistant

      Rain, mud or snow stand no chance.

      JIVR Scooter Charging System

      Dual charging system

      Charge your battery in or outside the scooter.

      Easy hill climbing

      Going up is as easy as going down.

      JIVR | Scooter

      JIVR | Scooter