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Technical Specification




  • Length: 1500mm
  • Width (handlebar unfolded): 610mm
  • Width (handlebar folded): 260mm
  • Seatpost min-height: 800mm
  • Seatpost max-height: 1050mm
  • Fork min-height: 800mm
  • Fork max-height: 1050mm


  • Length: 700mm
  • Height: 760mm
  • Width (handlebar unfolded): 610mm
  • Width (handlebar folded): 370mm



  • 17.9 kg



  • Hand-made from press moulded aerospace-grade aluminium
  • Bespoke JIVR headset
  • Durable satin powder coating finish



  • Proprietary chainless mechanical drivetrain, single gear, 3:1 ratio, 92% constant efficiency
  • Bespoke JIVR CNC-machined 160mm crankset
  • Folding pedals



  • Bespoke bonded JIVR aluminium fork
  • min-height 800mm, max height 1050mm



  • Bespoke JIVR asymmetric seatpost design
  • Bespoke JIVR quick release mechanism
  • ‘Fabric Scoop Gel Radius’ saddle
  • Minimum height: 800mm maximum height: 1050mm   



  • 600mm wide straight handlebar
  • 110mm adjustable stem
  • Shimano brake levers (front & rear) 
  • 'Fabric Ergo' handlebar grips
  • JIVR OLED display with assistance controls


  • Hand-made, spoked and manually calibrated wheels
  • 20’’, 36H aluminium rims, triangular cross-section for enhanced comfort and durability
  • Bespoke JIVR single-sided hub machined from a single block of aerospace-grade aluminium
  • 160mm disk brake rotors, Shimano disk brake calliper
  • Continental 20’’ x 1.4’’ tyres  



  • ASI BAC 500 controller
  • Bespoke JIVR Bluetooth-enabled battery management system
  • 8.7Ah, 36V Li-ion battery
  • Bespoke JIVR 250W, single-sided brushless electric motor (36V)
  • Proprietary JIVR motion sensing technology  

JIVR | Bike Mudguard

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Custom JIVR | Bike rear mudguard.
JIVR | Bike Mudguard

JIVR | Bike Mudguard