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JIVR | Scooter launching in UK on March 31

by Ania H. |

The research is done, the field testing is complete, the design has been brought to life, the last parts have been assembled and the date has been set. 

JIVR | Scooter will make its UK debut on March 31, 2021. 

The result of nearly a decade of development and input from the minds behind Tesla, BMW and Jaguar, JIVR | Scooter represents the embodiment of our dedication to helping urban commuters deal with traffic congestion and cover city streets in style. 

The debut is being made possible with the help of the pros at Tango Innovations. They will handle B2B sales, distribution, customer service and logistics on behalf of JIVR on the UK market. They will distribute and sell both JIVR | Bike and JIVR | Scooter.

“ After meeting the JIVR team to help bring this product to life, we knew we had something special to revolutionise the market. A common interest in the high-end bicycle industry helps us understand the consumer requirements for top quality industrial design. JIVR | Scooter delivers an ‘all in one’ solution with durability that is second to none. “ - Drew Huddart, JIVR UK / Tango Innovations

“From the very beginning our mission at JIVR has been to make life in cities easier. The time has come for us to take the next step and accelerate our growth through long-lasting and strong partnerships with industry-leading retailers who share the same values and want to become a part of this journey.” - Martin Piątkowski, JIVR CEO

We here at JIVR are genuinely excited about this partnership and the opportunities it presents for raising our profile and, most importantly, increasing retail touchpoints while providing excellent customer support. 

We’ve got the date circled on our calendar and have already started the countdown—see you on March 31!



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