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End of lockdown = Beginning of moving around on your e-scooter

by Ania H. |

We’re not even going to try to predict when the real end of the lockdown will be, but let’s be optimistic and agree that it’s not too far away. With the coming of spring and the arrival of better weather, it’s going to be hard to keep everyone indoors anyway. Plus, after a year of this, we’ll all ready to take advantage of the first opportunity to get active. 

For a rapidly increasing number of us, that means getting ready to ride our e-scooters. Their status in the UK is still in the process of being sorted out but this is a good time to go over the basics of preparing your e-scooter to get back on the road after what has most likely been a few months of winter inactivity.  

So before you hop on and go everywhere with a huge smile on your face, let’s cover a few “musts” to make sure your e-scooter is in top shape and ready to ride. 


Clean up

You can give your e-scooter a full-on, end-to-end, detailed deep cleaning in about ten minutes. A dry cloth should be enough to remove any dust that has accumulated since you put it away. Stubborn dirt or other stains will yield to a damp cloth. There’s no need to use water to wash anything or use materials with an abrasive surface. 


Give us a brake 

Isn’t being able to stop when you want to great? We think so too. That’s why your e-scooter spring cleaning plan includes a close look at all components of the brake system to ensure their proper operation. From the handbrake mechanism to the cable to the disc brake on the real wheel, visually inspect everything and test it by pushing the scooter forward and testing the brake. Be sure to verify the proper operation of everything before your first ride. 


Battery check

For technical reasons that are too deep to get into, it’s important not to let your battery become totally depleted, all the way down to 0.00%. If that’s where yours is after spending the winter in storage, try not to let it happen again. In any case, let your battery fully charge overnight before hitting the road.  


Visually inspect your tyres to ensure that there are no punctures or damage to their surfaces. Verify that they are aligned and spinning freely as they should when not engaged with a road surface. Do not ride with damaged tyres. 

Take a controlled test ride

It’s a good idea to get yourself back in riding shape too. We mean reactivating the muscle memory that helps you to effectively ride and control your e-scooter. Before you go out & among others, take a minute to confirm things like the height of handlebars and handgrip positions are where you want them to be and practice steering and braking while keeping your eyes on what’s in front of you. Remember—safety first, last and always!

They can’t keep us locked down forever (wait, right?) and when it comes to an end we all deserve some nice, relaxing time outdoors. If using an e-scooter is in your plans, be sure to follow these simple steps to get the best possible safe enjoyment from your ride. 

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