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The Electric Scooter with Stability and Style

by Marcin Kasz |

We recently announced the coming release of JIVR | Scooter along with some highlights about this latest addition to our line-up. 

Starting here, we’re going to use the next few posts to take a deeper dive on some of the unique features that make JIVR | Scooter a key element of our ongoing mission to transform urban transport. 

Let’s start with a close-up look at an important design and structural feature of JIVR | Scooter—the headset

JIVR Scooter headset

The headset physically unifies any electric scooter in terms of strength and stability and serves as a kind of bridge that connects to the rider’s control of the scooter. As the most important weight-bearing part, its proper design and manufacture are essential. That’s why our custom design uses aerospace-grade aluminium to achieve both lightweight convenience and a dependable, solid structural core. 

With this strong, rigid foundation in place, JIVR | Scooter’s ride becomes more stable and secure while enabling a higher handlebar setting for greater control. But the headset’s solid performance doesn’t force a compromise in elegant design.

JIVR Scooter Front

The oversized JIVR | Scooter headset is a proprietary creation with curves and a design language that fits perfectly with the JIVR signature look. The aluminium has a powder-coated satin finish for a deep, long-lasting colour exterior that is more resistant to chips and scratches.

Headsets usually aren’t the most glamorous, eye-catching part of a scooter but on the JIVR | Scooter it’s more than the foundation of a comfortable, safe and satisfying ride—it’s an important part of our unique style and the signature look of innovation in city transport!

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