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Are e-scooters waterproof?

by Ania H. |

It’s a fact—rain happens. Unless you never leave the garage on your e-scooter, it’s going to get wet. And even if you’re really lucky and never get caught in a storm or a passing misty drizzle, avoiding puddles, splashes and sprays is really hard sometimes. 

So what does this mean for your e-scooter, especially the “e” part? Let’s take a look at how your e-scooter deals with exposure to water and when you need to pay special attention to how it can affect its operation. 

Let’s clarify our terms

It might be useful to first define some of the terms we’ll use. “Waterproof” is a high standard and is normally associated with clothes, not hardware. It’s typically about using a barrier that stops water molecules while allowing air to flow through. That’s obviously not applicable when we’re talking about e-scooters. “Waterproof” things can have two sleeves, but not two wheels.

Water resistance is the applicable standard here. The main difference involves how well an object deals with prolonged and complete exposure to water. If something can function properly when submerged or after being submerged in water, it’s waterproof. If it can function properly under nearly all wet circumstances apart from being completely underwater, it’s water resistant. 

Water resistance is perfectly sufficient for, say, a bicycle since there are no parts that are easily damaged by water and everything has a chance to dry out before water can cause any damage. But what happens to a bike left outside for an extended time in the elements with no chance to dry? Rust happens. Corrosion happens. A bike you don’t want anymore happens. 

JIVR | Scooter is officially water resistant

JIVR | Scooter has received an IP54 rating, which is an international standard for water resistance (the same rating certifies protection against dust particles too). This means that our e-scooter can withstand normal exposure to water and moisture without a compromise in its performance. 

Summer thunderstorms, snow, mist, foggy mornings—bring it on. JIVR | Scooter’s IP54 rating certifies not only its quality build and materials, but gives peace of mind when it comes to its battery and electric components. They’re well protected against water and moisture (and dust!). 

Remember that the IP54 rating is not a license to go riding at the bottom of the ocean or store any e-scooter in your swimming pool. And if you think you need a waterproof e-scooter, as opposed to a certified water-resistant one, we really want to know where you’re going. 

Also, bear in mind that storing any e-scooter in damp, humid conditions for an extended period is likely to affect its operation, particularly that of the battery. Avoid leaving your e-scooter in such conditions and always give it sufficient time to dry out before the next use. 

Keep a cloth handy to wipe down your scooter after exposure to rain and moisture, go around lakes instead of through them and you’ll get years of high performance out of your JIVR | Scooter! 

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