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JIVR, the World’s Only Folding, Electric and Chainless Bike

by Marcin Kasz |

Folding. Electric. Chainless.

Those three words tell you everything about why JIVR is so unique and such an amazing piece of creative design and advanced engineering. At the same time, however, they’re each just a doorway to a long list of unique features and useful benefits that make JIVR literally unlike anything else—JIVR is the world’s only folding, electric and chainless bike. Here’s what each of them contribute to the one-of-a-kind experience of cruising around on a JIVR.


Let’s start with JIVR’s ability to change shape and the convenience it brings. It’s not the first folding bike, but you’ve never seen a design like this. It lets riders reduce the size of the bike and take it with them wherever they want while providing maximum strength and frame rigidity in the riding position, something many other folding bikes lack. Two simple release points are all that’s needed to fold JIVR down to just 60cm tall. Also, there are no special carrying cases or other accessories needed—JIVR is fully portable and can be pulled behind you when folded.

JIVR’s patented folding process is made possible through a groundbreaking design that lets you start in the folded position and “open” the bike in one easy fluid movement. See just how easy it is here.

For those with mixed morning commutes, it’s easy to start the trip on two wheels, switch to public transport and then switch back again when your bike can fit in the small nooks on trams, buses and tube cars where other bikes can’t. It’s more like pulling a small piece of luggage than trying to squeeze on to a train car with a full-size bike.

There’s no need to leave your bike outside in the elements when you can easily fold it up and roll it on your way to the office. The foldable JIVR fits easily under desks and lets you save space in your home or office.

Taking your bike with you wherever you go also gives you the peace of mind of being able to keep an eye on it at all times. No need to carry around a heavy bike lock or chain your bike to a post and hope it’s there when you come back when you can take it right to your office or store it safely away indoors.


This is where the fun really starts. JIVR’s front wheel features an extremely durable 250W silent electric brushless motor powered by high-capacity batteries of the same grade as those used in Tesla cars. With a 50km range on a single full charge, JIVR’s electric power gives you the freedom to take the scenic route if you want and not worry about frequent battery charges. When it’s time fill the battery again, a full recharge takes less than three hours. Charging is simple and done with a supplied magnetic connector with a plug that fits into any standard outlet.

The electric motor is there to give you an extra push any time you need it. Simple ergonomic controls next to the hand grips activate three levels of pedal assistance for just the boost you want. Travel up to 25km/h while JIVR does most of the work or take on a hill with a fraction of the effort normally required. 

Electric motor-driven assistance eliminates the need to take a change clothes for the office because less physical effort is required to get you where you’re going. You can arrive in style and looking ready for the day ahead and leave the cardio exercises for after work or the weekend.

Those with mobility issues will especially appreciate the boost that comes from electric power at your fingertips. JIVR lets everybody enjoy the freedom of the getting around on two wheels. 

If all the power in the battery is used, or if you just want an old-fashioned bike trip through a park or along quiet streets, JIVR can always function as a conventional bike, powered by nothing more than your own two feet. Old school or high-tech—you can ride either way or alternate between them.


Here’s where JIVR impresses with what it doesn’t have. It has a unique, patented, hand-assembled chainless drivetrain that keeps both you and the proprietary mechanism perfectly clean. Everything that powers the JIVR is safely encased in its lightweight, handmade frame, meaning you can wear whatever you want and not worry about unwanted stains.

No chain means no grease and no mess. Power from pedaling is transferred to the rear wheel via a durable carbon belt and other custom-designed components, all protected from exposure to moisture—and from any contact with your leg. The single-speed drivetrain produces at 3:1 rotation ratio—for every one rotation of the pedals, the rear wheel turns three times. When extra speed is needed, an electric boost is always one click away. 

No chain also means no chain maintenance. You’ll never have to worry about lubricating any parts or getting your hands dirty after taking care of unwelcome mechanical issues. Just focus on the road and let JIVR take care of the rest!

And that’s not all…

JIVR’s list of impressive features doesn’t end there.

It’s also equipped with Bluetooth and ready to integrate with the JIVR mobile app. Get connected with your smartphone and track ride statistics, including speed, rpm, battery life motor use and more. 

JIVR weighs just 18kg, making it easy to handle when folded or lift when going up stairs. It’s one of the lightest electric bikes anywhere and significantly lighter than most. The bike frame is made of the same aerospace grade aluminium used to make planes, reducing weight while preserving all the strength it needs.

JIVR is also hand made by experienced craftsmen in the European Union from custom-designed parts. We even have our own proprietary welding methods to achieve the smooth lines and curves of its distinctive frame.

A team of JIVR representatives is active in cities throughout Europe, arranging test rides and other events. They are always available for after-sales support through our JIVR | Care programme, which provides warranty coverage and assistance when needed.

Now you see how three simple words are just the beginning of all there is to know about the amazing bike we make. Learn more about the history of JIVR here or contact our sales department with any questions you might have.

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