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JIVR’s first crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs

by Marcin Kasz |

We’re very excited to announce the launch of JIVR’s first crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, one of Europe’s premiere crowdfunding platforms.

The fundraising drive is part of ambitious plans that we have going into 2019 and beyond. Securing the necessary financing is a fundamental first step towards implementing our vision going forward. Building on the work we’ve done so far, we have several goals related to various aspects of our operations that will be accelerated by the capital injection we expect from the Seedrs campaign.

First, we are going to establish a comprehensive sales channel mix of B2C, B2B and e-commerce tools to cover more customer touchpoints and allow JIVR to have an expanded presence, both online and off, that will translate into a larger share of the market. Turbocharging our sales outreach is the best way for us to hit sales targets faster and we’ve put together a detailed roadmap to help us get there.

Second, fundraising will be directed towards the comprehensive research and development required for four new products, all based on a concept involving modular elements. This significant extension of our product line will enable JIVR to compete in a wider variety of markets and at different price points. We can’t share details of the products themselves just yet, but they represent a dramatic and exciting new dimension to the JIVR brand. Stay tuned for more details on this!

Lastly, we need financial resources to perfect and deliver what is probably our biggest surprise of all. JIVR | Senses is a suite of new functionalities and accessories that will enhance safety and the overall rider experience. It will enable JIVR to appeal to demographics with reservations about e-bikes as a transport option while, at the same time, offering a substantial upgrade to existing bikes with a standalone version that can be easily implemented. We believe JIVR | Senses will be a true game changer and we can’t to share more about this soon.

The goal amount for the Seedrs campaign is €850,000 and it’s active now. To learn more about JIVR’s fundraising efforts on Seedrs and the perks currently on offer, click the link below.

If you want to learn more about our JIVR | Bike check out our blog post where we explain in details what makes JIVR stand out from the e-bike crowd. 

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