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Health benefits of riding an e-bike

by Maria Kuder |

When you hear that the health benefits of e-bikes are getting a lot of attention lately, we understand if you might respond by asking just what exactly the “e” in “e-bikes” adds that wasn’t already available. Bikes are bikes, right? What benefits does an e-bike provide that old-school bikes didn’t already give us? And shouldn’t e-bikes be a little less healthy because they’re easier to ride?

Well, it’s a little more complicated than that.

E-bike sales are booming for a number of reasons in different market segments and most of those reasons are obvious. Urban commuters are switching because of nightmare traffic conditions and congestion. Conventional bikers are moving to e-bikes because they like the option of using a bit help when they want or need it. Tech enthusiasts like the modern twist to a familiar mode of transport that makes cycling more comfortable than ever before.

But those enjoying most of the health benefits of e-bikes primarily come from another group that is also playing a big role in the surge of motor-assisted cycling. Have you guessed who it is yet? Read on to find out.

New type of riders to enjoy the benefits of cycling 

E-bikes are making it possible for a huge group of new riders to enjoy the benefits of physical activity. Millions of people with mobility issues that prevent them from making full use of conventional bikes are discovering that e-bikes provide just enough help to make cycling an option. The exercise and mobility that e-bikes make possible are changing lives in a number of ways.

The effects of e-biking on are well documented. The studies have been done and the evidence is in. All the research on the subject confirms that being active on an e-bike results in measurable health benefits. This might not be surprising, but the scope of the benefits certainly is.

Just as inactivity can have a detrimental snowball effect by triggering a sequence of problems, even mild regular physical activity can work in the opposite direction. Easy, low-impact exercise is a thousand times better than nothing. Muscle tone and flexibility, joint health, circulatory issues, blood sugar levels—they all benefit from even short but regular e-bike rides.

The primary reason that e-bikes are being praised for improving the health of so many riders is that they make it much easier for people who otherwise couldn’t or wouldn’t ride a bike at all to get active. Simple, right? The help supplied by an electric motor lowers the barrier and makes two-wheeled transport more accessible, which in turn means more people are hopping on e-bikes.

Struggling with mobility issues? Jump on an e-bike! 

If you’re in good health and a regular pedal-powered cyclist, it might be a little hard to relate to someone who couldn’t handle riding a conventional bike. It’s not that hard, right? Well, to be fair, it’s all relative. Lots of people need a helping hand due to age, illness, injury or a long list of other things. For many of them, joint pain, knee or hip surgery, breathing issues and more mean that a challenging, difficult ride on a conventional bike becomes an enjoyable, comfortable ride on an e-bike.

Suddenly it’s easy to see why e-bikes are the way to go for millions of people with mild mobility issues.

E-biking makes an active lifestyle possible for many people who are forced to deal with various health issues but the benefits go beyond just the physical. For many people, the psychological boost is at least as important as the improvement in other aspects of their health. It’s well known that physical activity has a positive influence on our mental health but there are other psychological benefits to e-biking.

E-biking can facilitate social interactions and integration that are part of a healthy overall lifestyle, particularly for seniors. The value of the freedom and independence that comes with being able to get around as you like cannot be overstated. With e-bikes, people who were previously held back by certain physical limitations can meet friends, go shopping or just take a ride for no reason at all any time they want. This is exactly the kind of confidence that translates into a better state of mind and better general health.

Now you can see how e-bikes are a solution for a number of demographics across a wide spectrum of contexts. A way to beat city traffic for young urban professionals who can dress for the office and still arrive in style? Check! A comfortable alternative for a long relaxing ride at the weekend? Check! An attention-getting gadget for those who love everything new and novel? Check!

Add to that a fantastic way to overcome various mobility limitations that make conventional biking a challenge and you’ve got something for multiple generations can enjoy!

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