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Five reasons why you need an e-scooter now

by Ania H. |

We could spend all day & night listing the many reasons why you need an e-scooter but let’s agree that it’s better if we just get to the point. We’re all in a hurry, right? And in the age of e-everything, no one has the patience to get to reason #74 anyway. 

Besides, who doesn’t love “Top 5” lists? 

So here are our Top Five Reasons You Need an E-scooter Right Now! 

#5 - Save time

Yes, we know that cars move faster than e-scooters so where did we get this from? Well, you may be familiar with a little thing we like to call a traffic jam. This doesn’t apply to everyone, but there are millions of people whose commute mostly consists of making painfully slow progress through an ocean of cars. 

How much shorter would your commute be if you could take a much more direct route via e-scooter, with very few stops along the way? If you could leave home just twenty minutes later each day and get home twenty minutes earlier after work, how much time would that add up to after a year? 

We have no idea, but we’re guessing it’s a lot. Sit in traffic and stare into space or get almost an hour of your life back every day—your choice. 

#4 Save money

You know what else you can stare at when you’re stuck in traffic? The needle on your fuel gauge as it slowly moves from “F” to “E”. Doesn’t it sometimes seem that you can actually see it moving? That’s money literally being burned away with every minute you’re sitting at another red light. 

Have you ever done the maths on how much cash you spend on petrol? We don’t recommend it because it’s extremely depressing but you probably have a gut feeling that it’s way too much. Now compare that with the investment in an e-scooter. Spoiler alert—your car is far more expensive. 

Sure, there are times and circumstances when you may not have a choice, but having an e-scooter gives you the superpower of literally saving money every time you use it while leaving your car at home. Bank your savings or get a little something for yourself—you deserve it. 

#3 Save your city

Ok, now we’re getting into serious stuff. We all know that urban centres are choked with traffic and getting around can be a nightmare. There are quite simply too many cars on the road, which not only has an environmental effect (wait, that’s coming soon…) but impacts the way that we live as urban residents. 

The growing trend towards e-scooters and new ways of thinking about urban mobility are a lifeline for cities and city lifestyles. If car traffic can be reduced, cities will become more liveable and urban spaces can be used in a way that improves the lives of everyone. Have you ever been tempted to visit someone or something in a downtown area, only to change your mind when you thought about the driving and parking adventure that awaited you? Everybody loses when enjoying all that a city has to offer has to be weighed against the practical difficulties caused by traffic. 

E-scooters help to ease the burden and clear space. No, you’re not going to achieve this on your own but you can be part of a trend that makes a real difference. Or you can buy half a million e-scooters for your neighbours. 

#2 Save yourself

As you can see, we’re too committed to the “save” theme to quit now. “Saving yourself” isn’t about spiritual redemption through e-scooters (although we should look into that) but how it contributes to your physical health. 

As a kind of halfway point between driving and walking, using an e-scooter gets you out of your sedentary position behind the wheel of your car and puts you standing up and physically engaged with your environment. No, it’s not a high-impact cardio workout but it doesn’t have to be. Using an e-scooter will force you to be more active than you ever would be while stuck in traffic. Do we even need to quote the latest stats about obesity, diabetes and all the rest? We didn’t think so. 

If you’re not as active as you’d like to be and you’re looking for an easy place to start, using an e-scooter can be the way to go. Who knows, it might turn out to be the first stage of your marathon training. 

#1 Save the planet

Didn’t see this coming, did you? Ok, you did. Fine. 

It doesn’t get any bigger than saving the planet and cutting down on emissions is the best thing we can do as urban commuters. Improved air quality is an obvious good that benefits us all. And, once again, while you can’t do it by yourself you can certainly be part of a movement that has a real impact on smog, pollution and health outcomes for everyone. 

So, on top of keeping more money in your pocket, having more free time, making your city a better place to live and keeping in shape, you get to save the world too. Not bad for a day’s work on two wheels! 

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