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5 Reasons Why You Need a Chainless Bike Right Now

by Maria Kuder |  | 1 commenter

The combination of being folding, electric and chainless makes JIVR literally unlike anything else you’ve ever seen—it’s the world’s only e-bike to feature all of these, well, features. We’ve already explained how being folding and electric makes life easier. Now it’s time to complete the trifecta with 5 reasons why you need a chainless bike, right now!

1. No chain means no mess

We can probably agree that not getting dark, dirty bike chain grease on your hands is a good thing, right? If you bike regularly, it’s just a matter of time before your chain decides to jump off the gear sprockets and inject your ride with a little unwanted drama. This can happen even when you keep your bike clean and in great shape. All it takes is one badly-timed gear change or even a bump in the road and suddenly you need a lot of soap to clean up the mess you’re about make while wrestling the chain back into place. This one’s really simple—no chain means no chain problems and the mess that goes with them.

2. No “bike leg”

Here’s another angle on the problems of getting too close to something covered in slimy, slippery grease. Pedalling on a conventional bike means moving the inside of your right calf up and down next to a dirty chain thousands of times on every trip. True, it doesn’t happen often, but a moment of carelessness can easily transfer whatever’s on the chain to your leg, creating the kind of stain that isn’t easily wiped away. It’s bad enough if you’re in shorts and the grease gets on your skin but it’s so much worse if you happen to be on the way to the office or anywhere you don’t want to essentially wear a big sign that says “I wasn’t paying attention while riding my bike”. Going chainless means you can wear whatever you want or need to and still enjoy the convenience of life on two wheels.   

3. Less maintenance

We’re not going to say that riding a chainless bike means no maintenance because of course you want to keep everything in good working condition. It’s obvious, however, that removing an element that demands quite a lot of maintenance on conventional bikes means one less thing to worry about. Less worry is good, right? JIVR’s compact, proprietary drivetrain is operates completely within the rear swing arm and resembles the design found in cars. It’s made of steel and is extremely durable, providing many years of service with no maintenance needed.

4. Reliability

Chainless bikes still need something to transfer the power generated by pedaling to the rear wheel. In the case of JIVR, that something is a durable carbon-fibre belt safely encased in the rear swing arm of the bike. It doesn’t need lubrication, ever, and it’s protected from moisture and dirt. It won’t break, split or crack. As long as someone is rotating the pedals, it will work exactly as it’s designed to. Chains need constant care and attention to work properly, they can break and have to be replaced from time to time whereas carbon belts…don’t.

5. Enhances the benefits of folding

Wait, we were talking about the benefits of being chainless and now we’ve switched to folding? Let us explain. When you have a folding bike, you often handle it in a series of quick movements that let you switch from folded to unfolded and back again. Everyone has their own technique but the entire process is made much faster and easier when you don’t have to carefully navigate your hands and arms around a dirty bike chain. The benefits of a folding bike aren’t so attractive if you’re risking a greasy forearm or sleeve every time you pick it up. Having a chainless bike means being able to fold and unfold as much as you want without looking like you just finished working in a mechanic’s shop.

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  • Ben au February 18, 2021

    Hi! really cool bike, does it fold down and fit the boot of a Porsche Boxster?

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