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Your Ride, Your Style

by Ania H. |

We’re another week closer to the launch of the JIVR | ScooterSince we’ve already focused on different aspects of its construction and convenience, we thought it was a good time to talk about styleAnd we don’t just mean the scooter’s curves, lines and overall design. We’re talking about a splash of colour to make you stand out from the crowd (as you move past the crowd). 

JIVR | Scooter’s base model deck is replaceable and upgradeable from the standard, durable high-grip rubber composite to a long-lasting recycled wood version available in three designs at launch with more coming later. These decks feature a textured surface for sure footing and a thick coat of professional-grade lacquer to protect the design and guard against surface scratches and abrasions—all while looking great, of course…

This upgrade is available for just 99 Euro. You go a step further and make your JIVR | Scooter deck design truly yours with a 149 Euro upgrade that will feature your own custom design. Express yourself and show the world what you’ve got. Just channel your inner artist, share it with us and we’ll do the rest. This is your chance to have a literally one-of-a-kind ride! 

We’re also planning the launch of the ultimate upgrade, with a selection of exclusive designs from renowned artists from around the globe. Max out your street cred with a look that screams for attention! More details coming soon. 

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