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Time to Power Up JIVR | Scooter

by Marcin Kasz |

We’re still talking about the upcoming debut of the electric JIVR | Scooter and all the different reasons we all have to be excited about it. 

Last time we focused on the unique headset and the solid performance and security it delivers. Now it’s time to turn to the real power behind our contribution to modern urban transport, the JIVR | Scooter’s battery

The standard version of the battery has a range of 20km (6.4 Ah / 230Wh) and is upgradeable to 40 km (10 Ah / 360Wh). Remember that battery capacity in scooters, just as in electric bikes, is often a product of the weight of the machine that it’s driving forward. Bigger batteries usually mean heavier devices. JIVR | Scooter’s lightweight construction means that a physically smaller battery is more than sufficient to deliver all the acceleration and stamina that you need.

JIVR electric Scooter large battery

JIVR | Scooter’s standard battery helps to keep the overall weight of the scooter to 13kg. The higher capacity version will add another 2kg.

This compact design translates into convenience in a number of ways. Not only is the battery—located in the steering post—easily replaced and swapped out for a fully charged one, but the depleted battery fits easily inside standard backpacks. When it’s time to recharge, there’s no need to take the entire scooter to the charging station. Just leave it in the garage, locker or wherever is convenient. 

Charging time is another plus. A fully depleted battery is back to 100% after two and a half hours of charging. The higher capacity version will take approximately four and a half hours. 

JIVR electric scooter battery 3d

And this is no ordinary, mid-range generic battery. Like other elements that we don’t make ourselves, we use the best available components we can get our hands on. That means JIVR | Scooter uses the industry gold standard, Panasonic’s latest generation Li-ion 36V 230Wh / 360Wh batteries. Only the best will do when you’re transforming the way urban transport works! 

Visit our blog next time for a look at the stylish side of JIVR | Scooter.

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