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JIVR | Scooter is available for preorder now!

by Marcin Kasz |

2021 will see the addition of a new wave of momentum behind our mission to transform urban transport. We’re excited to announce the coming debut of the JIVR | Scooter, shipping in Q1 2021 and available for preorder now. 

JIVR Scooter side

JIVR | Scooter is a light-weight foldable electric kick scooter designed for city commutes. It has an easily removable battery secured with a smart-locking mechanism for quick and convenient charging. The power supply is located in the steering shaft, allowing riders to simply swap batteries as needed or charge them separately from the rest of the scooter. 

JIVR Scooter 320 Wh battery

 Among its many enhanced safety features, JIVR | Scooter features 10-inch inflatable wheels for greater overall stability, control and a superior riding experience. Puncture-proof wheels will also be available separately. More information on other safety measures included in JIVR | Scooter is coming soon. 

JIVR Scooter stablity

But our passion for both form and function is evident in JIVR | Scooter as well. In addition to an elegant, signature design, it offers riders the opportunity to customise their commute with a range of exclusive deck colours and patterns. The decks themselves are interchangeable and made from wood for increased slip-resistance and long-lasting, durable performance. Riders can select their deck when ordering and will soon be able to get custom decks based on their own unique designs. Get ready for a scooter unlike anything you’ve seen or ridden in 2021!

jivr scooter custom decksLearn more about JIVR | Scooter, including technical specifications and design features, here

The standard version of JIVR | Scooter, with a 20 km (6.4 Ah / 230Wh) battery, is priced at 699 EUR. A version with a more powerful battery and a larger power capacity, 40 km (10 Ah / 360Wh), is priced at 849 EUR.

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