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JIVR CCO Edward Vlutters talks about EUROBIKE 2019

by Marcin Kasz |

JIVR CCO Edward Vlutters talks about our appearance at EUROBIKE 2019

JIVR will be one of the exhibitors at the 2019 edition of EUROBIKE and Edward Vlutters, our CCO, will be among those representing us there. As the biggest industry event in Europe approaches, here’s what Edward had to say in response to a few questions about our first appearance there. 

Why is it important to be at EUROBIKE? 

There are a few reasons. First, it’s the main European bicycle show, the biggest annual event there is in our industry. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with potential new dealers and distributors that can take JIVR to consumers in Europe and around the world. That’s the business aspect. Then there’s the consumer aspect. An event like EUROBIKE attracts a wide spectrum of cyclists. Of course there are real cycling enthusiasts and early adopters, people who are really passionate about what they ride and like to dive deep into things like the bike’s technical specifications. We can learn a lot from them through their feedback and talking to them about what they’re interested in, what gets their attention, their expectations about bike performance and so on. And then, lastly, EUROBIKE is obviously a great chance to look at the industry as a whole—what’s new, what other brands are doing, trends, etc. With so many bikes and things from the world of cycling under one roof, it’s the ultimate status report on the entire industry. 

Is JIVR looking for new distribution channels? 

Yes, absolutely. JIVR is currently searching for new partners around the globe to partner up with us and distribute our products and become part of our growing network of dealers and distributors. We are also interested in talking to industry partners regarding investment and partnership opportunities so we can really take JIVR to the next level as a brand and company.

We’ve put a lot of time, testing and R&D into our bike and we’re finally where we want to be in terms of the product we’re putting out there. The response we’ve had so far has been amazing and everything is lined up and ready for take-off. It’s time to plug into networks that can put JIVR in front of cyclists around the world. 

What about partnership opportunities within the industry? 

Connecting with the right partners in the industry is key when it comes to manufacturing, supply chain, sourcing, distribution and funding. EUROBIKE is a great opportunity for industry partners to become part of our exciting mission to transform the urban e-mobility market and we have already arranged a number of meetings with representatives from those aspects of the business. I’m already looking forward to meeting them and excited about who else we’ll run into. With that many industry people in one place, you’re basically surrounded by decision-makers in all the business sectors I mentioned at all times. At events like this, sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to meet with everyone you want to talk to! 

If you’re going to EUROBIKE to see what you might be riding soon, be sure to visit JIVR at booth A1-100, in Hall A1 and say hello. While you’re there, you can see what the future of urban mobility looks like up close and get some hands-on time with foldable, chainless, electric comfort. 

If you’re visiting EUROBIKE and looking to talk about selling, distributing or supplying JIVR, we’d love to set aside some time to talk. Just write to and we’ll take care of the rest! 

See you in Friedrichshafen, September 4-7!

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